Herbal Ointments

Herbal Ointment

Making your own herbal ointment is a wonderful way to connect to the environment around you and provide you and your family with safe and effect treatments. Herbal ointments are very simple to produce and begin with an infused oil.

To covert your infused oil into an ointment you will need to combine your infused oil with beeswax. Ointments protect damaged skin, reduce inflammation and carry the medicinal properties of the herbs through the skin and into affected areas

To make your ointment you will need:

250ml herbs infused oil                                             Saucepan and glass bowl

30g beeswax                                                                    5 or 6 x 60g glass jars

A few drops of essential – optional                     Labels

Making an ointment is a very simple process: begin by placing your infused oil and beeswax in a glass bowl over a saucepan of barely simmering water.

Keep an eye on the pan and allow the beeswax to gently melt. Once all the beeswax has melted, remove the pan from the heat and pour into glass jars.

If you wish to add essential oils, add a few drops to each jar at this stage. Leave the ointments to cool and become firm before securing lids.

Ensure you label your jars with the correct herb name and date, then store in a cool dark place. Your ointment is ready to use once it has set and will last a long time kept away from direct sunlight.

Marigold (calendula officinalis) is the classic ointment for inflamed and irritated skin conditions. It is a wonderfully gentle herb with powerful healing properties. It can be used by all ages. (check out Herb page for further information on marigold.)