Flower Essences

Flower essences are a gentle way to connect with emotional difficulties, sometimes buried deep within. These emotional problems as well as being disabling themselves can often be a barrier to healing on a physical level. Making your own flower remedies is a really lovely way to connect with your own healing path.

To make your flower essence you will need:

  • Small clear glass bowl
  • Spring Water or rain water
  • Your chosen flower
  • Brandy

Because you are working on an emotional level with flower essences, it is important to connect with your plant. Choose your plant and sit with it for a few minutes until you feel relaxed and at peace together.

Making flower essences is a two-part process: firstly you will make a Mother tincture, before using a very small part of this, along with brandy, to make the final flower essence.

When you are ready, place the small glass bowl on the ground near the plant and fill with a small amount of spring water or rainwater. Pick enough flowers to cover the surface of the water and place them gently in the bowl. Leave your flowers for an hour or two – you can relax nearby or go for a walk while they infuse. When you are ready to move to the next step, the water will still look clear but the flowers may have wilted. Gently use a twig to carefully lift the flowers from the water. To make your Mother tincture, use equal parts of infused water to brandy, and pour into a jar. If there is any liquid left over do not waste it: you may drink it. You now have your Mother tincture. To make your flower essence, put 3 drops of the mother tincture in a 30ml dropper bottle filled with brandy, this is now ready to use. To use you flower essence place a few drops in a glass or bottle of water and sip throughout the day.








Cowslip flower essence helps us interact with others on an equal footing, while recognising the light within ourselves, bringing a quieting of the mind and inner contentment.