In addition to Herbal Medicine Su is also a qualified and experienced Massage Therapist. Understanding that the body as a whole requires treatment, Su realised that massage is an important part of her holistic message and has been using massage alongside her herbal treatments for over ten years.

Massage is the manipulation of the soft tissues of the body, which brings about total relaxation of both body and mind. Whether you are looking to relieve a physical condition, or just require peaceful relaxation, massage can provide a wide range of benefits.

These benefits include:

Improved circulation               Improved appetite and digestion

Improved muscle tone            Improved mobility

Improved skin tone                   Stress relief

Improved sleep                           Improved immunity

Pain relief                                       Reduction of anxiety and stress

A generally improved sense of well-being

Sessions are tailored to your individual needs from a half hour head, neck and shoulder massage, to a full hour whole body massage.

What to expect

Initial consultation: Your first session includes an initial consultation to identify your basic personal, medical and lifestyle details. This is important to plan your treatment safely.

Treatment: Your massage will take place in the calm and relaxed environment of Meadow Herbs Clinic, where a warm and soothing atmosphere will enhance your experience. During your treatment your body will be covered at all times with warm towels with the exception of the area I will be working on, while cushions and warm blankets will ensure your comfort. Massage oils will be chosen to enhance and complement your experience.

Aftercare: You will be given advice after your session to enhance your health and well-being after your massage.


Full Body massage approximately 1 hour                                    £36.00

Back, Neck and Head massage approximately ½ hour        £24.00

Hands and Feet massage approximately ½ hour                    £24.00

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