About Su Rayner

Su has always had a love of nature which began as a child, wandering the countryside with a freedom that is not so readily available these days. By the time she was in her late teens Su had begun to grow her first herbs in a small garden in Kent. In this garden Su first developed a taste for herbal teas, learning by a process of trial and error. Reading about these herbs Su began to wonder at their history, folklore and medicinal uses and so began a lifelong journey.

Initially making remedies for herself and family, Su began her formal training as a herbalist with the Sealfheal School of Herbalists and Natural Healers. In 2000 Su qualified as a Master Herbalist and has been in practice ever since. She continues to develop her knowledge through regular further training and learning. For Su, the process of being a herbalist is a never ending journey with something new and amazing around the corner at all times, allowing her to continue to develop her skills and understanding.

Su (right) leading a workshop at Meadow Herbs Clinic

Su lives by the philosophy developed by the founder of the Selfheal School, Dr.Christoper. This philosophy believes that there should be a herbalist in every home, and a practitioner in every village or town. With this in mind Su holds regular workshops teaching people how to recognise healing plants, make simple herbal remedies, and how to use them safely for family and friends. Focusing on the ability of herbalism to be used as a tool to empower individual knowledge and the communication of traditional values of community, Su uses the process of herbalism from identification and growth of herbal plants, to hand making remedies whenever possible from native plants to improve and maintain holistic care. Su believes in understanding the balances of physical and emotional wellbeing, and using herbalism as the key to empowering people to take care and responsibility for their own health.

The clinic overlooks the wildflower meadow which is a haven for wildlife and a variety of herbs.
The clinic overlooks the wildflower meadow which is a haven for wildlife and a variety of different herbs.

At home Su is lucky enough to now have a large garden where healing plants grow in both cultivated beds and also naturally within the wild garden. The gardens provide the ideal environment from which Su has based her clinic and from where the workshops are run. A calm and peaceful place where nature rules and healing can begin. Su is always happy to have visitors and you are always welcome to visit the garden and clinic.

In addition to Herbal Medicine, Su is also a qualified and experienced Massage Therapist. Understanding that the body as a whole requires treatment, Su realised that massage is an important part of her holistic message and has been using massage alongside her herbal treatments for over ten years.

Through the years Su’s other passion of cottage crafts has developed and she now offers a small range of beautifully created gifts (details coming soon!)