About Meadow Herbs

Meadow Herbs was first set up in 2000 by Su Rayner. The Meadow Herbs clinic is situated in the peaceful village of Brooke, just seven miles south of Norwich, in Norfolk. The clinic is open for appointments 5 days a week, and evening appointments during weekdays are available on request; we understand it can be difficult to make healthcare appointments when you work regular hours!

Su Rayner is a qualified and experienced practitioner who provides Herbal Medicine, Natural Healing, Holistic Massage, Iridology, and Ear Candle treatment.

When coming to the Meadow Herbs clinic for the first time you can expect an appointment of between one, and one and a half, hours. This first appointment is important as it allows us to discuss your past and current health, your diet and lifestyle. Together with Su you will then put together a programme to suit you which will include dietary advice, natural healing, and the use of herbal remedies. After your first appointment you will be able to contact Su by e-mail or phone with any queries until your next appointment. Your second appointment will be approximately one month later to discuss your progress and to assess the need for any further treatment; this will usually last half an hour though sometimes it may be necessary for this session to take up to an hour.

The cost of initial consultations are £26 with follow up appointments £16 per half hour. Any herbal remedies prescribed will be at an extra cost.

For information about Holistic Massage at Meadow Herbs Clinic including costs, please visit http://meadow-herbs.co.uk/massage/